Your Prescription
Your Responsibility

Every year, more than 1,000 North Carolinians lose their lives to prescription drug overdose. More than 9 times as many are hospitalized.




Take the Lock Your Meds Pledge and join us in making a difference.

"I VOW TO..."

  • Secure all of my medication and prevent others from taking it.

  • Take regular inventory of my medications to make sure nothing is missing.

  • Safely dispose of all unused or expired medications.

  • Teach the young people in my life about the dangers of taking medications that were not prescribed to them.

  • Spread the word by encouraging others to join in taking this pledge.


Lock Your Meds® is a national campaign designed to reduce prescription drug abuse. Produced by National Family Partnership® (NFP), the campaign seeks to make adults aware of their potential to become “unwitting suppliers” to those who would abuse their prescription medications.

Campaign materials such as video and radio spots, print advertisements, posters, and interactive educational materials can be made available to states and municipalities that wish to bring awareness to their communities.